4 Critters That Eat Mosquitoes & How To Attract Them To Your Garden

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Ah, summertime. The climate is heat, the flowers are blooming and the barbeques and summer time gatherings are in full swing. One unwelcome visitor, nonetheless, the mosquito has this fashion of actually turning an excellent out of doors celebration on its head.

Apart from making a panorama that’s repulsive to mosquitoes through the use of crops, citronella candles, and different selfmade recipes to discourage this blood-sucking pest, there may be one different factor you are able to do, lure in mosquito consuming critters

There are a selection of critters who like to make a meal or two out of mosquitoes. Attracting these critters to your backyard in order that they will feast on mosquitoes is a wonderful means to make sure the success of your summertime gatherings.

Listed below are the highest mosquito consuming critters and tips on how to entice them to your yard:


Dragonflies are very similar to mosquitoes in that they want water with a view to reproduce. Feminine dragonflies lay eggs in water and the larvae can dwell for as much as 5 years, surviving totally on mosquito larvae. Though grownup dragonflies solely dwell for a short while, a number of weeks or months, it can eat grownup mosquitoes and different bugs.

With simply the suitable backyard options, you may ensure that your out of doors house will turn into a refuge and breeding floor for dragonflies. Listed below are some issues to incorporate:

Water: You don’t want an enormous and fancy water characteristic to draw dragonflies to your yard, a pond with some shallow edges and a two-foot middle works improbable.

Water crops: Younger dragonflies – or nymphs want locations to cover and water crops not solely add magnificence to your water characteristic but in addition create fantastic nymph hideouts. As well as, when child dragonflies turn into adults, water crops function an ideal launching platform. Select submerged crops comparable to eelgrass, fanwort, sago pondweed and child pondweed. The addition of floating crops like hardy and tropical lilies and lotus flowers will add magnificence and assist scale back algae in your pond.

Crops round water characteristic: Surrounding your water characteristic with an assortment of crops creates an area the place dragonflies really feel protected to put their eggs and hang around. Small shrubs comparable to seedbox and buttonbush are nice border crops on your water characteristic as they provide dragonflies perching websites and safety.

Edge your pond with flat rocks: Dragonflies just like the solar on flat rocks. Line your pond with flat rocks and place a number of within the shallow areas of the water.


Bats will dine all night time on mosquitoes and are a welcome addition to your out of doors house. Some forms of bats, primarily often called microbats have what looks like an insatiable urge for food for mosquitoes. A single microbat can devour as much as 1,000 grownup mosquitoes per hour.

As well as, bats can even eat cucumber beetles, stink bugs, leafhoppers, June beetles, and corn worm moths. Actually, it’s estimated that bats save U.S. farmers over $1 billion annually.

If the considered attracting bats to your yard provides you the quivers, word that bats are literally very clear animals who’re grooming themselves continually. Though there are over 1,200 species of bats, simply 50 are native to North America and these are on the decline – so encouraging bats is an efficient factor. We’d like bats in order that the pests don’t take over.

One of many easiest issues you are able to do to encourage bats is to place up a bat home. Bat homes may be so simple as a single small field to a free-standing group of bins giving room for a colony. Yow will discover free bat home plans on the Web and the provides are fairly easy.

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