25 Things That Don’t Need To Exist, Please And Thank You

“And bear in mind, it’s okay that you simply don’t exist”

Why are you even right here? This congregation of low-tier… nicely, issues. There’s actually no higher solution to describe them, as a result of they don’t exist. Or, at the least within the eyes of the general public your fellow group members are non-existent. The one purpose they’re your fellow group members is due to the dumb courtroom ordered you to do it. Dumb justice system, when have they ever completed something good anyhow?

In any case, so right here you might be on this non-existence assist group, surrounded by among the lamest stuff you’ve ever seen. The girl working the group, Shelly, addresses everybody utilizing her mushy, midwestern voice.

“Okey-dokey everybody, let’s start,” she says, shuffling some papers between her fingers “now bear in mind, generally life can appear merciless for making us non-existent, however there are many issues on this world that SHOULDN’T exist. And fortunate for you, I’ve a useful listing prepared: listed below are 25 Issues That Don’t Want To Exist, Please And Thank You

1. This in-car deli. Alrighty then beginning our listing right here of us is that this man cooking meat in his automobile. Now I don’t find out about you guys, however I don’t suppose this sort of factor ought to exist. Particularly as a result of your automobile would scent like soiled sunbaked meat and that form of factor simply makes me gag enthusiastic about it.

Reddit /u/ worldofsmut

2. This stay automobile alarm. Oh, ya see this automobile alarm whereas fairly scary, most likely shouldn’t exist both of us. I’m no snake handler or something don’t get me unsuitable however I determine it might be fairly arduous to corral when you needed to truly get again into your automobile.

Reddit /u/ 9999monkeysthree. The best way this rollercoaster is propped up at a neighborhood county honest. “Now” begins Sally “take this image from a neighborhood county honest. Do you suppose it ought to exist?” There are numerous grumbly “nos” that come from the group. “And why do you suppose that’s? Smallfoot, perhaps you would inform us?” Smallfoot, the distant and fewer widespread cousin of, who else, the Loch Ness Monster pipes up: “As a result of it’s harmful and dumb?”

Reddit /u/ iAmWillyAmm

four. These “wholesome and scrumptious” vegan snacks! “That’s excellent Smallfoot!” says Sally smiling sunnily “and what about these vegan snacks? I imply, to every their very own however I believe that placing charcoal on meals is simply downright gross! What do YOU guys suppose?” There are nods and the occasional smile from the group.

Reddit /u/ sacky855. This gathering of bogs. “Now I don’t find out about you guys, however shoe timber exist in my hometown” says Sally “with good purpose. It’s an ideal little solution to place a reminiscence of your older self, an ideal place for a group to return collectively and so forth and so forth. A rest room, nevertheless, may be a little bit extreme. What will we take into consideration its existence?”

Reddit /u/ MyDougs6. This truck lurking the streets of Georgia. Properly, my brothers and pop have been hunters, so I can see the attraction in conserving trophies, however decking your automobile out in lifeless animals is actually insensitive. Think about a baby seeing this on their method residence from faculty? They’d be scarred for all times dontcha know!

Reddit /u/ herecomethebees

7. This canine confronted African bat. “Oh for these of you terrified of rodents, look away now!” the evening time vigilante RatMan averts his eyes “This bat is a spooky creature from Africa. Have a look at how gross and scary it appears to be like! It shouldn’t exist, am I proper individuals?”

Reddit /u/ ragonk_1310eight. This mop sink used for defrosting hen. “Does anybody know why this could not exist?” Sally asks the group. Slowly, the Canadian water monster, OrangeyougladIdidntsaybanana, raises its tail. “Sure, OrangeyougladIdidntsaybanana?” says Sally. With its underwater voice it replies: “as a result of it’s unsanitary?” Psh. This coming from the factor that spends most of its time in Lake Ontario.

Reddit /u/ theblackgate19

9. This snake-headed caterpillar. Oh yeah, this can be a mixture of two fairly massive fears. One is a concern of serpents and the opposite is a concern of bugs. Why would the world deem it essential to have one thing like that exist? Throw it into the darkish unescapable void that’s extinction, I say!

Reddit10. This truck and good automobile combo. “Why would anybody do that?” Sally asks the group “Possibly it’s for the juxtaposition, but it surely form of simply looks as if an inconvenience. What do YOU suppose, new member?” That’s while you understand Sally is speaking to you. “Oh, um…” you begin, wishing that you simply had listened “I suppose it shouldn’t exist?”

Reddit /u/ alejandro27213111. This inflow of frogs coming from the depths of heck. “Excellent! People, I’d wish to introduce our latest member. Now I believe they’re a little bit bitter as a result of they’re court-ordered to be right here, however why don’t we go across the circle and make them really feel a little bit extra at residence? Simply say your identify and one thing you suppose shouldn’t exist. I’ll go first–” Sally does a little bit dance and fortunately preps herself: “I’m Sally and I believe that black frogs popping out of a pool filter shouldn’t exist”.

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