Tom Arnold’s Stunning 100 Pound Weight Loss

Popular comedian and actor Tom Arnold has gone through a lot of ups and downs in his life and one of the most recent downs that he had experienced would be the decrease of his body weight and his body fat. He has truly mastered the art of weight loss. The clear proof of his amazing transformation was seen as he was photographed during the 2014 SXSW festival in Austin and the new healthier Arnold says that his journey would not have been a success without his best inspiration, his son.

Starting out his weight loss journey about a year ago, Tom Arnold weighed in at a whopping 287 pounds on the scale and had 32 percent body fat. His weight loss breakthrough came to reveal a 100 pound difference and a 21 percent change as his current weight is 187 pounds and his body fat is at 11 percent, a goal that he never really realized he had already achieved.

Aside from the overall physical change, Arnold is reportedly also off from his medications as he is current blood pressure has decreased from 180/120 to a healthier 120/80. His sleep apnea was also not much of a problem for him anymore and he could now get off from using a CPAP machine while he is sleeping.

The birth of his son April of last year was what helped him get his act together after having to wait 25 years to become a father. He valued the time and effort that he had to put in to be able to take care of his son who is now 1 year old and to be able to fulfill that lifelong promise that he had dictated to himself, Arnold knew that he really did have to make a lot of changes especially when it came to living a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

During his year long journey he had to battle a few abdominal surgeries along the way and as he was slowly but surely recovering he had the help of his trainer MB Regan who worked with him slowly but surely to improve his fitness level and health. I wonder if  his weight loss inspired formed wife Roseanne Barr to lose weight.

Tom Arnold clocked in around 75-90 minutes of cardiovascular exercises daily and he would take note of all of this since he would usually split his cardio for the entire day. Regan also helped Tom to finish a 30 minute intense workout at least 3 times every week and at times when he was away or traveling Tom would have a core workout program that he would perform on his own.